Even though I have had many years of experience learning about sadhana, I found myself spellbound when reading The Life of I.  The author has done an exemplary job of showing how a novice is brought step by step onto the path of spiritual pursuit. So for the novice, it is an invaluable handbook. And the seasoned seeker will find joy in seeing how masterfully the spiritual path is unfolded.

-Rudite Emir, Author

Life of 'I' is written very creatively. The story keeps one interested in the theme, and the appropriate quotes and messages of Gurudev have been brought in nicely... I pray it will reach out and inspire a large section of society, as many may emote and identify with the main character in the story, as well as benefit from it’s profound message.

Swami Swaroopananda, Chinmaya Mission

Absolutely brilliant! ...It is a great contribution to the contemporary sadhakas who are serious about this goal. Written in a very attractive style, it moves fast...Gurudev's words and wisdom blend extremely well with the flow of the story...No words to describe how beautiful the last few pages are. Worth reading again and again!

-P.P.Vaidyanathan, Professor, CalTech

LOS ANGELES — “The Life of I: On the Sadhana Trail,” by authors Swami Ishwarananda and Nimmi Raghunathan, both based in Los Angeles, is based on the age-old wisdom of the Vedanta school of philosophy propounded by the greatest of seers Adi Sankara, and the wisdom of Swami Chinmayananda.

It approaches time-tested truths and values applicable in every faith and culture through a story, according to a press release. Of particular interest to Indian Americans is that the setting of the tale takes place in San Francisco and Percy, Calif., where Swami Chinmayananda lived, taught and reflected....Read more

The Life of I is a wonderful book. It is alive with the practical truth of Vedanta. In a step by step sequence, it skillfully guides the reader—whether one be a beginner or an adept—from a state of body consciousness to how one must retrain his or her thoughts, mind, and perceptions to attain the higher reality. By sharing wisdom that Swami Chinmayananda gained in his own personal sadhana, this book is an invaluable tool that serves as a signpost to ensure that our lives and thought processes are on track to know our real “Self.” The Life of I is a benevolent gift of the Guru to his chelas, guiding and blessing them every step of the way—a book that has the power and Guru’s blessings to substantially change the lives of all receptive and sincere seekers of the Divine. - Robert ArnettAuthor of India Unveiled: Sprit, Tradition, People