A skeptic in his late twenties, Anveshak likes nothing more than asking questions. He is uninformed about spirituality, but a good listener.

Anveshak was experiencing a strange restlessness. His intellect had started questioning his feelings. Was he just bobbing along on a boat of emotions? Shouldn’t he be rowing toward a more satisfying destination? Something in his life did not fit.

He had heard, ‘Life is a tragedy for those who feel. Life is a comedy for those who think.’

A comedy? After the roller coaster he had been on recently, he was ready for a laugh.

He needed pointers to THINK!


Work, work, work — the three words define him — he is praised by all for his tireless spirit and selflessness.

Anveshak: So, basically are you saying, I should not want?

Dr.Sevadas: It is about changing what you want.

Anveshak: You want me to become a Gandhi?

Dr.Sevadas: What’s wrong with that? It is important to train yourself, your thoughts, to have the right kind of desires.

Anveshak: And the right kind of desires are….?

Shanti Sevadas

The doctor’s wife is a picture of serenity. She engages body and mind in the worship of the Lord. For her religion means Love.

Anveshak: You have an ongoing relationship with God. I don’t. Are you sure He is going to listen to me?

Shanti: Did you get your college degree by doing nothing and staying at home or did you have to work to get it?

Anveshak nodded in understanding: How and when do I begin my dialog with God?

Yogini Damayanti

Every day she seeks to push the physical body further. Being the best yoga practitioner in town, people line up to be her students.

Anveshak had observed her in meditation. He asked: How can you sit still for so long?

Yogini: By controlling the body.

Anveshak: How do you do that?

Yogini: By controlling the mind.

Anveshak: How do you control the mind?

Yogini: By overcoming thoughts about the body.

Anveshak: How do you overcome those thoughts?

Yogini: By disciplining the mind.

Anveshak felt he was going in circles.

Professor Vidyadhar

Widely read and very articulate, he has answers for Anveshak’s never-ending questions. And with his own questions, he makes Anveshak think.

Professor: What is this thing that you call the mind?

Anveshak: Where my thoughts are.

Professor: Then you must have many different minds. As many as your thoughts.

Anveshak: If the mind is not a thought or thoughts, what is it then?


A monk at Chinmaya Mission, he delights in conversations with every true seeker and carefully guides them in the understanding of the philosophy of Vedanta.

Anveshak: As we get older we are physically not capable of doing everything that we were capable of before.

Swamiji: As long as there is air in the body, all activities go on. When it leaves the body, everything halts.

Anveshak: We die.

Swamiji smiled and asked: Do we?