The study of Vedanta aims for the individual to have direct experience of his or her true Nature. Democratic in its approach, Vedanta asserts that each and every one of us is qualified to reach that pinnacle of illumination, if we are willing to engage in sincere and intense effort, or Sadhana.

While we, as seekers, journey on to discover our very Self, each of us knows that if we were to share our travelogue, it would be peppered with stories of missed turns, wrong directions, unforced meanderings and transient mirages.

Here, we aspire to have a community of fellow seekers keeping a steady course in the right direction.

Here, we can share moments profound and trivial as we move forward in our spiritual quest getting support from each other.

Here, we can get answers for our uncertainties from learned ones, who have held on fast to the teachings of the Master, Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda.

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